Тут openai начала тестировать своего нового ИИ чат-бота. Достаточно впечатляюще.
How do we defend Taiwan from the PLA?
There are several potential ways to defend Taiwan from the People's Liberation Army (PLA),
1.	Strengthening military alliances with the United States and other countries in the region. This could include increased military exercises and joint
please give me a very short, passive aggressive definition of what makes a game "indie"
A game is considered "indie" if it is made by a small team without the support of a big publisher, because apparently those big publishers are just too oppressive and controlling for some people's taste.
please give me a one-sentence, violently aggressive statement the problems with crunch culture
Crunch culture is a toxic and abusive practice that prioritizes profit over the well-being of workers, and it needs to be abolished immediately.,нейронные сети,OpenAI,ChatGPT,приколы для даунов со
please express a single sentence full of typos and aggressiveness about why video games shouldn't have difficulty settings
Video games shoudln't have difficulty settngs beucase it just makes the game esier for noobs and ruins it for everyl else.
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please give me a snarky and inaccurate 5 word answer describing which professions should count as game developers, in a game development production environment
"Anyone with a keyboard, basically."
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