Anonymous asked:
How much does kris and others know about au's also- I wish to give kris a corn juice pouch.,Akanemnon,TheAkanemnon,artist,Kris (Deltarune),Deltarune персонажи,Deltarune,Undertale,фэндомы,Frisk,Undertale персонажи,Toriel,Asgore,Susie (Deltarune),Chara,Napstablook,KFC gang,Flowey
Anonymous asked:
Good thing that Kris dosen’t know about Au's, still, would be funny if they did know about Au like Eldritchrune,Kris performs surgery,Holyplays,ecc...
Susie's just mad she isn't in a cooler AU where she can be Susiezilla,Akanemnon,TheAkanemnon,artist,Kris (Deltarune),Deltarune
grimendstone asked:
Napstablook, can you see chara?
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Monster ghosts... human ghosts... maybe Chara is something
unfoldingspace8 asked:
How would/will Frisk (and Chara) react to seeing an old photo of little Kris (and presumably Asriel too) being happy and having fun?
(Considering so far they only really know Kris as this depressed teen)
I don't think
mysteriousmaninthesmoke asked:
I cant get the image out my head of that Flowey ended up in deltarune like Frisk and Chara and is currently stuck in one of Asgores glass flower jars and every time Asgore enters the room he has head phones in and cant hear Flowey scream as he pour water on him.
Anonymous asked:
i want to see the puppet children get their yoga merit badges because of the last ask
Are they doing it right, anon?,Akanemnon,TheAkanemnon,artist,Kris (Deltarune),Deltarune персонажи,Deltarune,Undertale,фэндомы,Frisk,Undertale персонажи,Toriel,Asgore,Susie (Deltarune),Chara
kat-lsyeah asked:
what are some things kris has done with their puppet limbs
Too many to count probably after they found out they could do freaky stuff like this.,Akanemnon,TheAkanemnon,artist,Kris (Deltarune),Deltarune персонажи,Deltarune,Undertale,фэндомы,Frisk,Undertale персонажи,Toriel,Asgore
ashtonisvibing asked:
okay, now that i've seen kris twist their leg i must know: how many degrees can they turn their head around? a full 360? only halfway like an owl?
follow up if they can turn their head more than the normal amount: when they found out did they ever pretend to be possessed and