A. Shipwright

A. Shipwright


Well Come

"Come in."

Sword of Peace

One of the Great 108 Relics, the Dagger of Utum.
It never accumulates the karma of murder.
It only becomes one.

Lonely Shield

"We did lack budget."

The One and Only Weapon

There was one who despaired at the name of the legendary 108 Relics.
He sought to surpass their greatness by combining all the things in the world.

Stronger Than Sword

Do not underestimate the flag bearer.
They wield the nation in their hands.

That Night Was Especially Cold

"No food, no pay... You tightwads."

Across the Wind

The First King moved faster than the wind,
For He was wearing the Wings of Thialfa.
Praise the Great 108 Relics.
The weapons of the weapons,
The terminators of the War of the Dawn.

The Mercy For Sinners

The Epitaph of Ascetics.
The great 108 Relic made for atonement of sinners,
The prayer of regret and grief is written over.
All you who are innocent,
Do not look at the ax.
You can never take your eyes off the inscriptions,
Unless you recite the whole prayer with your heart.
"I didn't know much about the 108 Relics,
But from the moment I took a glance at that ax,
I realized that I can never be freed from it without reading the words written over it.
But by God's nail, nobody knows how to read those letters now.
Since then, I am no different from a blind man.
My eyes still follow the ax somewhere out there."


Grandpa Jeku told me.
When a man turns 200 years old,
His body becomes all messed up.
I will end up living long just like my grandfather.

Городская ведьма

Раньше ведьмы были жителями лесов.
Они носили одеяния из веток и листьев, окутанных тенью.
Теперь они живут в городе.
И одеваются чертовски стильно.
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