And thus, Cain somehow fought against 17 different factions at once. Again.

Rammstein — Mann Gegen Mann (Warhammer 40000 AI Cover)

Kharn going "this is fine" as Angron comes at him.
Tzeentch cackling at the femstodes reveal.
Guardsman getting drunk.
Helldiver and Guardsman high five.
Samus Aran Adeptus Sororitas.
A very brave guardsman pinching Lelith Hesperax’s tummy.
Disney Princess Angron.
White rabbit surrounded by a squad of grey knights.
Dark Eldar trying (and failing) to act innocent.
Commissar and Hospitaller holding hands.
Abaddon with food poisoning.
Battle sister getting a hug.
Call of duty scout marine being bullied by other scouts.
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