Lonely NEET and her beloved Blåhaj
NEET girl dating sim
NEET girl bath simulator
A NEET so clean you could eat off her!
It might be time to tidy up a little...
Who should Kara be for Halloween? I'll say she's quite partial to her new plugsuit.
As you can see, she's an amazing cook!
NEET girl hand holding simulator.
Yuna picked Kara's Halloween costume this year...
Some patrons requested Kara as Misato and Power!
I've got something really cute for Friday morning. In the mean time here's a wifed up Kara!
Koji makes sure his NEET cousin never feels left out!
Kara is an only child, so Koji is like her de-facto older brother! He's one of the few people Kara is really close to
I've been racking my brain trying to figure out who the person in this photo is, and then I realized...
Feliz jueves!
Kara's dad took her to visit family in Sweden. He bought them matching father and daughter parkas!
Rate this gaming setup
The Kara yule goat is here to wish you a merry christmas!
There are an infinite number of universes, with an infinite number of different Karas in them, here's just a few of them.
I wish you all an amazing 2022
What Kara are you today?
The swimsuit is on, but will she go to the beach?
Lying awake in bed, remembering cringey shit from high school.
This is my neet girl, there are many others like her but this one is mine.
Kara when she realizes you're a fictional character and she can't actually date you...
Kara's Joe Rogan interview
Alternative universe booba Kara
Biblically accurate angel
girl who stinks good
NEET Girl Dating Sim: Pretending to be Ryan Gosling Edition
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