Ferrus Manus

Ferrus Manus

Ferrus Manus getting a haircut from Fulgrim. little off the top.
An IG cook with a stale baugette fighting off an ork.
Ork vampire.
Nurgle grossed out by Jurgen.
Amberley scaring Cain with a pregnancy test.
A smol Saint Celestine trick or treating.
A chill tyranid.
Nurgling Idol Fan.
Khorne Chihuhua chasing a Tau Fire Warrior.
Khorne Cultists at the gym.
Abaddon demanding to be taken seriously.
Celestine ordering food.
Chaos Space Marine feeling sorry for Lamenter.
Space Marine play Baldurs Gate 3.
Celestine plastic love.
Next chapter of BtK.
Khorne toilet paper stolen by Slaanesh.
Dark Eldar girl laughed at because she got an F in seg.
Skitarii not skipping leg day.
Harlequin graduating clown school.
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