Leman Russ

Leman Russ

Guardsman keeping friend safe.
Grammar inquisitor.
Ultramagnus the Red.
Jaghatai Kangaskhan.
Khorne Berzerker with fear of blood.
Lemon Russ.
Nurgle and Isha but loving marriage.
Celestine reading Harlequin romance novel.
Jurgen serving Cain and Vail breakfast in bed.
Tiny battle sister is mad because small.
Tzeentch disappointed with Magnus.
Jurgen having secret admirer.
Vulkan singing with kermit the frog.

Мантра дня: Вломмм, вломмм!

Кэп: Пертурабо и Дорн ругаются; Фулгрим жалеет стул; Лев огреб стулом, потому что Перт промазал, целясь в Дорна; Русс ржет над Львом.

Daft punk but tau.
Sisters rock out with their guitars vs the t'au keyboards.
Massive crowd surround the two bands, cheering.
Necron who lives near the arena trying to sleep.
Wholesome Daemonett opening a free hug booth.
Inquisitor trying to decide if the heresy is actually a loss meme reference.
A Techpriest encouraging others to fight on.
Dancing 'Stealers.
A plague marine visiting the doctor.
Magnus doing homework while watching Big E play catch with Russ through a window.
SoB showing off her armour has pockets.
Amberly buying a Cain pinup poster.
Saitama KO Horus while walking to the shops.
Guardsman with Sororitas pillow.
Vindicare assassin, but caked up.

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