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a woman in street punk clothes sitting on the cyberpunk style bar counter and holding glass of beer in hands, cyberpunk universe, medium breasts, intricate hair, natural skin texture, detailed perfect face, perfect eyes, perfect hands and fingers, night, neon lights, epic realistic, detailed background,, masterpiece, best quality, illustration, (detailed lighting:1.2), (beautiful detailed glow:1.3), digital painting, (hdr:1.4), neutral colors, (screen space reflections:1.3), (intricate details:1,3), (hyperdetailed:1.3), 4k, scene focus, full body, low angle, cinematic light
Negative prompt: (poorly drawn), 3d, photo, censored, poorly drawn, bad anatomy, wrong anatomy, extra limb, missing limb, floating limbs, disconnected limbs, mutated hands and fingers, mutation, mutated, bad hands, extra fingers, watermark, signature, outdoor

В честь 23-го февраля, нейротянки В ФОРМЕ!!

Попытки в стимпанк. Пальцы не везде получились, но на таких общих планах так и не удалось их победить.